Online Tax Software vs. Tax Professional

Published: 1/23/2018 4:24:11 PM


DIY online tax filing works for some. But for many filers it causes uneasy questions like: Am I doing this right? Am I forgetting anything? Where does this go? What is this form? Schedule what? Worksheet what? Why is my refund so much less than last year?

Of all the difficulties that may arise with DIY online tax filing, this is the most common scenario we've seen:

A person finally makes time and bellies up to the computer. Distractions aside. They find an online tax software that looks reputable. Maybe they get a referral. They sign up. Ok. Login. Good. Enter personal information. Easy enough. Filing status. Usually not too difficult. Read on. Enter more information. Dependents. Yes or no. Donate to presidential campaign? Are you blind? More questions. All goes well until they land on something they just don't know. The research begins. Clicking. Calling. Searching. Researching. Hours go by. Choice words. Though there are help directories, search menus, phone numbers, IRS Links, etc., they just can't arrive on a confident answer.

This scenario is very common. We have seen this so many times. Where people come to us and say, "I started this return online. Here is the paper work. I have no idea if it is done right. I stopped searching. I can't spend anymore time on this. Please just take care of this for me."

This scenario is a familiar one to us. The tax system is complex. Most people are not interested in learning all the tiresome details. Online tax filing software programs just cannot educate everyone on all points in a brief online session.

So for people who get stuck. Those who find themselves in a time sucking research scenario. It most definitely pays to hire a professional. We would like your business of course but this is not the reason for our suggestion. We truly believe, if you are stuck on a tough question, you should call a professional. You will be surprised to find how much time you will save by hiring a tax professional. We believe the value of your time saved will be much higher than what you will spend to hire a trustworthy tax professional. In the end you will also have the confidence that it was done accurately.

If you need help with your taxes we encourage you to contact Business Advisors, Inc. or one of the other wonderful tax and accounting firms in your area.