Accounting Online

We can provide accounting and bookkeeping services online. You never have to drop off documents come to our office. Your financial records can be reviewed with you online with our bookkeeper, one of our Accountants assigned to your company, or by the Accountant you chose.

If you are thinking about buying one of those expensive servers for your company, think again! Besides servers' high initial costs, additional maintenance is almost always required, not to mention the pain of backing up the servers every night.

Business Advisors has a system in place that can be accessed by you or your employees from any where there is an Internet connection. The system offers low startup costs and monthly payments. The server is secure and is automatically backed up ever night.

If you have concerns about security, you won't after you read the following.


Data Security during Transmission:
QuickBooks Pro Hosting Service requires the use of encrypted transmissions using industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. SSL helps ensure that your information is protected during transmission over the Internet. This is the same technology used by banks and online trading companies when transmitting data over the Internet.

Password-protected Access:
QuickBooks Pro Hosting Service offers access only to registered users who have specified a user name and a password. As an added security for our clients, the user name and password are encrypted by our service, so that your information is further protected from unwanted access.

Data Security in Storage QuickBooks Pro Hosting Service protects your client's business by storing critical financial data on firewall-protected servers. QuickBooks Pro Hosting Service gives you the option to automatically backs-up your data every day, so that critical business information is protected.

You Control Who Accesses Your Data: You have control over who accesses your QuickBooks Pro Hosting Service data and what they can see and do. Once you set up a company in the Hosting Service, only the people whom you explicitly invite can access your data. QuickBooks Pro Hosting Service offers multiple permission levels that let you limit the access privileges of each individual user.

Confidentiality: Renders information unavailable to those lacking authorization. Business Advisors, Inc. has implemented strict industry standard setting controls to ensure that only those persons who need access to certain information have it.

Availability: Resources will not be deleted or be made inaccessible. This applies not only to information, but also to networked systems and other aspects of the technology infrastructure. The inability to access a required resource at Business Advisors, Inc. by attack, intentional tampering or even catastrophic events has been minimized by careful attention to physical site security, redundancy, fail-over planning and comprehensive disaster recovery strategies.

Integrity: Information cannot be modified in unexpected ways. Loss of integrity could result from human error or from unauthorized access to transmissions from servers to clients. 128-bit strong encryption is always applied to login information with an additional layer of proprietary security applied by Business Advisors, Inc. Additional secure encryption as needed is available on a custom fee basis. Your data is stored in secured data facilities that provide: o Raised floor environment o HVAC temperature controlled systems, with separate cooling zones o Seismically braced racks o State-of-the-art smoke detection o Fire suppression systems o Motion sensors o 24 x 7 secured access (visual verification + palm print) o Video camera surveillance o Security breach alarms o Redundant power on the premises o Multiple backup generators

Reliability: Business Advisors, Inc. uses the most advanced available Microsoft server application to date. Daily updates ensure our servers have the latest security patches as well countermeasures to protect from any vulnerability.